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History of the Americas

The Spanish Conquest

Find out what Mesoamerican codices tell us about the Spanish conquest of the Americas on the website of the University of Arizona Library.


Discover Spanish conquest through the architecture of the biggest cathedral in the Americas. Read the Wikipedia articles about the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City (in English and in Spanish) and learn about baroque architecture.

Visit the website of the Templo Mayor Museum (in English or in Spanish). 

Read the article in Wikipedia about Montezuma's palace (also called Casas Nuevas) and learn about the latest archeological discoveries from NBC News.

Coastal Geography

Zeebruge, a Leading Hyper-modern Port in Europe

Ancient History


Ancient Mesopotamia: the City of Ur.

The Ziggurat of Ur.

By M. Lubinski, Août 2010 (Flickr) [CC BY-SA-2.0

The Royal Tombs of Ur, on the website of the British Museum. Learn about Leonard Woolley's trip to Irak and his archeological works on the ancient site of IVth and IIIrd m. B-C Ur. Visit the royal tombs and play the Ur royal game.


Ancient Athens. The Parthenon Sculptures.








By M. Chohan (2005)/Wikimedia [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Why are the Parthenon sculptures displayed in the Brtisih Museum instead of Athens? Visit the website of the British Museum to find the answer.